We had no idea where to start with our wedding plans and this book was just what we needed! I feel free in sense also - that I'm not bound by the traditions of a "normal " wedding. Looking forward to putting these tips into practice!


If you're getting married, you need this book so you don't end up spending $35,000 on a wedding you hate. Karen really breaks down how to create a wedding that is authentic and meaningful to you and your partner, whether that's a totally off beat wedding or a typical wedding bash. Loved it!


We  had a long engagement, lost our first venue five months before our wedding date, and ended up postponing for two years! Thank god we found Karen and Wedding with Intention. It’s the perfect relationship, life and wedding coach, all rolled into one! We discovered a lot about ourselves along the way, and planned the best wedding EVER!



The first thing I noticed when it arrived was how big it was! We’ve only made it through the first two sections so far but we’re loving it! There’s so much detail, I had no idea what was really involved in planning a wedding and this book goes way deep. Definitely worth the investment!


Finally someone that understands what our generation is all about. This is such a refreshing approach to weddings for today.


When you get engaged and start planning a wedding your next thoughts tend to go towards whether you want to start a family and when!! It’s so easy to be excited for the wedding and the ceremony and the party that the idea of being married to this one person forever gets kind of lost, but the MARRIAGE itself is really the most important thing!!! This book helped to remind us of that.