Right now weddings are very one-size-fits-all and I honestly think that’s bullshit

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Why can’t you just have the wedding you really want to have?



We had no idea where to start with our wedding plans and this book was just what we needed! I feel free in sense also - that I'm not bound by the traditions of a "normal " wedding. Looking forward to putting these tips into practice!


If you're getting married, you need this book so you don't end up spending $35,000 on a wedding you hate. Karen really breaks down how to create a wedding that is authentic and meaningful to you and your partner, whether that's a totally off beat wedding or a typical wedding bash. Loved it!


We  had a long engagement, lost our first venue five months before our wedding date, and ended up postponing for two years! Thank god we found Karen and Wedding with Intention. It’s the perfect relationship, life and wedding coach, all rolled into one! We discovered a lot about ourselves along the way, and planned the best wedding EVER!



The first thing I noticed when it arrived was how big it was! We’ve only made it through the first two sections so far but we’re loving it! There’s so much detail, I had no idea what was really involved in planning a wedding and this book goes way deep. Definitely worth the investment!


Finally someone that understands what our generation is all about. This is such a refreshing approach to weddings for today.


When you get engaged and start planning a wedding your next thoughts tend to go towards whether you want to start a family and when!! It’s so easy to be excited for the wedding and the ceremony and the party that the idea of being married to this one person forever gets kind of lost, but the MARRIAGE itself is really the most important thing!!! This book helped to remind us of that.



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"For a generation that has taken it upon themselves to disrupt just about every other aspect of our lives, we still avoid the big questions: why these customs from thousands of years ago are still relevant, and whether they should be practiced at all."

— Karen Anne Hopkins, Wedding with Intention

Why Do I Care So Much About Your Wedding?

WANT TO PLAN A WEDDING THAT'S ROOTED IN PURPOSE & SOUL (with gorgeous, handy worksheets to figure it all out)?


Wedding With Intention will support you on your journey to designing a celebration that feels true to your relationship and reclaims your intention for getting engaged to begin with!

You’ll also learn:

How To Define Your Purpose & Design Your Wedding Vision

- Worksheets to gain clarity on why you’re even having a wedding celebration in the first place!

- How to communicate and share your purpose with loved ones (and have the uncomfortable conversations)

- Create an intentional, guilt-free guest list

The Foundations Of A Celebration True To You

- Design a celebration with the emotional comfort of your guests and your own personal wellness in mind

- Learn how to create an event with intentional impact (and be mindful of the environment)

- How to deal with the influence of others and stay anchored in your wedding purpose

How To Get It Together & Stay Sane

- Everything you need to know about planning a wedding from end to end

- How to stay on track and call on support

- Learn how to manage timelines, budgets, delegation and more

What It Takes To Create A Thoughtful Experience

- Creative ways to infuse your personality into your ceremony

- Wedding guardians and vendors: why you need them and who to choose

- How to navigate choosing your venue, menu, music and “wedding style” in alignment with your purpose


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"But what does it even mean to have an “unconventional” wedding? 

You might turn to Pinterest or Google with these terms in hand to find out, and what you discover is that—according to the masses—a unique or unconventional wedding means including llamas in your ceremony, a bride wearing a jumpsuit instead of a ball gown, and booking a food truck to feed guests tacos at the reception. 

How do you even begin to untangle what is truly meaningful to you from what you are taught should be meaningful? 

Were llamas really what you had in mind when you decided that you would have an unconventional wedding? Sure, these elements add a level of quirkiness or whimsy to the event, but do they really add meaning

The current version of a unique or unconventional wedding unfortunately doesn’t live up to its fullest potential. Right now, the wedding industry pressures us into making all the materialistic decisions first (hello, wedding colour palette) and saves the intentional stuff for the bottom of the barrel: your vows, ceremonies, and moments to share why you’re in this at all.” 

- Karen Anne Hopkins, Wedding with Intention

Ready to bring meaning and authenticity back to weddings — starting with yours?

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